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Between Gales (January 2015)

You wake to deep grey darkness. No spark to lighten your tentative walk to the kitchen trying to avoid the curled up dog. Communication utilities are dead. But then the comfort of candles, of a roaring fire, a coffee with … Continue reading

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So she went for a visit to the Islands, bought a ticket and rattled through great scenery. A friend picked her up at the station. The sky was blue the journey pleasant and by the time they reached Broadford the … Continue reading

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Telegraphic poles

  along the roads on our isles                            they really should stand straight and in one line but as your eye travels the pattern          … Continue reading

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Valentine day’s choice of colours

with a poem by Peter Kerr there is a softness in the late-afternoon sky the pale pastel palette suffused with a subtle chalkiness that merges the lightest of blues with lemon-highlights left behind by the departing sun these lying between the hinted gentle greys that grow in depth within … Continue reading

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A little red bird on a fence post

he found it on the road and fixed it wood to wood   it has survived two storms patiently perching and causing birdwatchers hit their brakes   a little red spot in the vastness of greyish browns and blues and … Continue reading

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The lost song

the lost song the bark of a gnarled oak the smell of fresh coffee hanging in the kitchen deep-throated laughter rising somewhere tenderness childlike delight still wonder determination and the urge to express all this in his voice but he … Continue reading

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The Gift

The Gift Four small light brown spotted eggs held in the perfect round of that tiny nest and my father behind me smiling at us the six year old child and the Hawthorn in full bloom and I knew then … Continue reading

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