To St.Kilda/Hirta

St.Kilda is an isolated archipelago 64 kilometers west-northwest of North Uist in the North Atlantic Ocean. It contains the westernmost islands of the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.


Poor St.Kilda,
Marilyn Monroe of the islands;
in contrast to many
I don’t feel the urge
to visit you.

I know you are my gender;
never crossed my mind
it could be otherwise.
I feel for you:

Have you accepted
to be unveiled, stripped naked,
weaponed, trampled on,
to fulfill the dreams and expectations
and greed
of many
and more and more….?
Have you?

Is it the lost limbs of their soul
they think to find
on the steep sides of your hills
and between shouting,
now silent, ruins?

Do they project on you
their neediness or longing
for something slightly adventurous,
“un peu de frisson”,
and out of the box?

I don’t think you have chosen
to be famous,
to become the lure
for attracting tourists
and their money
to the islands.

What do you, Hirta, think of this?

Oh, rocky island,
I feel compassion
and think that maybe you are grateful
for wintry gales.
They bring respite;
times you can rest in your memories
of the people
for whom you were home.

Listen to the song of the tiny Wren:
he knows your beauty
and your dignity.


About lorianapauli

Born in Italian speaking Ticino/Switzerland. Lived all my life in different parts of that very country till I found my way "home", where I truly belong > the 'Long Island'.
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