Mise agus an cù

This is my first attempt to say something in the language of these beautiful islands.


Listen here:


About lorianapauli

Born in Italian speaking Ticino/Switzerland. Lived all my life in different parts of that very country till I found my way "home", where I truly belong > the 'Long Island'.
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8 Responses to Mise agus an cù

  1. Gordon Wells says:

    Siuthad, Loriana. Cùm ort!

  2. Rita Froesch says:

    Das tönt guet, o wenn i d Wort nid verschtaa! Wenn faasch aa bi Radio Nan Gàidheal? 😉
    (Sounds good! although I don’t understand the words. When do you start at Radio Nan Gàidheal?)
    Well done, Loriana, I am deeply touched by this blog, by the beauty and depth of your texts, poems and photos!
    Thank you for sharing your talents!!
    Your Swiss friend from the Moray Firth.

  3. Francisco says:

    I would like to congratulate you for your blog. I enjoy reading your posts about life in Scotland.
    And now you are learning Gaelic! I love the sound of it when I listen to Capercaillie, Runrig and Julie Fowlis, my favourite Scottish artists.
    Please write more about that beautiful language. Tapadh leabh. (Is that correct?)
    Un saludo

    • lorianapauli says:

      Thank you for your nice comment, Francisco!
      A bheil Gaelic agad?

      • Francisco says:

        Chan eil Gaidhlig agam… well, just a little… 😉
        I tried to learn a bit of it, but it is a very difficult language.
        E come mai una svizzera è andata a vivere nelle Hebrides? Come è la vita là?

      • lorianapauli says:

        La musica! Sono arrivata qui per studiare “scottish traditional music” ….. e anche perche mi sono innamorata delle isole.

  4. Francisco says:

    Hi, ciao!
    It’s no wonder you fell in love with the islands. I visited them 20 years ago (as a tourist) and found them beautiful.
    The only thing that I think would put me off would be to live there during the winter. At what time does it get dark in December?
    How are you getting on with the Gaelic language? Are you learning it from native speakers? Do locals usually communicate in Gaelic? I would be interested to know.
    Molte grazie
    Francisco (Spain)

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