My song of the month: Now the Swallows are away

The equinoctial wild winds are reminding us that summer is over here on the islands. My Elder bush looses its leaves, the garden looks tired and migration has started very early this year…..

This makes me want to share a song by Martin Donnelly I like very much. I cannot share the tune but here is the lyric…. and yes, the geese are “my compensation” too.


I can see the smoke arising
From the town across the bay
On this chilly Autumn morning
Now the swallows are away

How I love to them them flying
Skim the meadow, kiss the stream
Now the gentle days of summer
Are like a half forgotten dream

Soon the cruel breath of Winter
Flowing from that polar sea
Brings the first skeins of the Greylag,
Now they’re winging over me

How I love to see them flying
Holding fast to  the coast line
A November gale behind them
Crying  wild and free in time

They’re my soul’s compensation
For the loss of Summer days,
And they help me through the winter
Now the swallows are away

For the song look up Martin Donnelly’s CD:  Earthbound. From M.D.s website:
Martin’s music is inspired by the land, sea and skies of Ireland. It reveals the link between spirituality and ecological awareness. The songs also reflect the joys and sorrows of the ever changing nature of life’s journey.  ‘As a child I had a great love of and interest in Nature.This was nurtured and encouraged by both my parents who had an innocent and unselfconscious enthusiasm for the natural world. It was not sentimental, for they were both country people, but I could not have failed to be affected by the genuine joy they expressed  at the song of the blackbird, a flight of wild geese or of finding a  young hare in the moss. I am extremely grateful for multitude of often daily experiences that have added so much to my life.’

About lorianapauli

Born in Italian speaking Ticino/Switzerland. Lived all my life in different parts of that very country till I found my way "home", where I truly belong > the 'Long Island'.
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