The sea is calm, it is wild, it is wide, it is beautiful, it is secret, it is malicious, it is deep……

An islander’s song by Rory and Calum MacDonald from RUNRIG:

Cearcall A’ Chuain
Tha sinn uile air cuan
Stiùireadh cuairt troimh ar beatha
A’ seòladh geòla dhorch
Air chall an grèim na mara
Tha a’ ghaoth air ar cùl
Tha a’ gheòl a’ cumail roimhe
‘S cha dèan uair no an cuan
Toinisg dhuinn no rian

The Ocean’s Circle
We are all on an ocean
steering a course through our lives,
sailing a dark boat,
lost in the grip of the sea;
the wind is behind us,
the boat sails onwards,
and neither time nor tide
make sense or meaning to us.

The sea is calm,
it is wild, it is wide,
it is beautiful, it is secret,
it is malicious, it is deep;
oh, but we, we are blind,
we have nothing but life –
raise the sail, lift the oar,
so that we can journey onwards.

I hope, I hope,
when the sun goes down,
that they’ll see me steering westwards,
over the Uists on the circle;
oh, the ocean’s circle
it turns forever,
taking me to the fair machair of the west
where the day began.

A’ mhuir tha i ciùin
Tha i fiadhaich tha i farsainn
Tha i àlainn tha i dìomhair
Tha i gamhlasach is domhainn
Ò ach sin, tha sinn dall
‘S chan eil againn ach beatha
Tog an seòl, tog an ràmh
Gus an fhaigh sinn astar ann

Ach tha mi ‘n dùil, tha mi ‘n dùil
Nuair a bhios a’ ghrian dol fodha
Chì iad mi a’ stiùireadh ‘n iar
Null a dh’Uibhist air a’ chearcall
Cearcall a’ chuain
Gu bràth bidh i a’ tionndadh
Leam gu machair geal an iar
Far an do thoisich an là


About lorianapauli

Born in Italian speaking Ticino/Switzerland. Lived all my life in different parts of that very country till I found my way "home", where I truly belong > the 'Long Island'.
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