My poem of the month

Columba’s Island Paradise (12th century, translated from the Gaelic)

Delight I find in an island’s breast,
on a rock’s peak,
that there I might often gaze
at the sea’s calm.
That I might see its heavy waves
over the brilliant sea
as it sings music to the Father
on its constant way.
Might see its smooth bright-caped strand
(no dismal tryst);
might hear the strange bird’s calls,
a joyful strain.
Might hear the shallow waves’ crash
against the rocks;
might hear the cry beside the graves,
the ocean’s roar.
Might see its splendid birdflocks
over the teeming sea;
might see its whales,
greatest of all marvels.
Than I might see its ebb and flow
in their sequence………
Extract from a poem in
THE TRIUMPH TREE, Scotland’s earliest poetry AD 550-1350

About lorianapauli

Born in Italian speaking Ticino/Switzerland. Lived all my life in different parts of that very country till I found my way "home", where I truly belong > the 'Long Island'.
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2 Responses to My poem of the month

  1. Like this poem, one of those pieces that summarises the beauty and lure of the isles. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I like this very much.

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